For cycling enthusiasts


Do you enjoy extreme bike rides? It is in Stronie Śląskie and around 200 km of routes of varying difficulty! Stronie Śląskie offers several types of bicycle routes.

For road cycling enthusiasts, we recommend trips on asphalt roads:
- the Biała Lądecka Valley
- the Młynówka
- Valley - the Morawka
- Valley - the Kamienica
- Valley - the Kleśnica
- Valley - the Sienna Woda and Janówka
- Valley - the Krupa Valley

These episodes can be beaten on a trekking bike.
For lovers of MTB routes, there will also be interesting routes. We recommend routes in the vicinity of Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik. In our Kłodzko Land you will also find "singletrace" - forest paths with artificial surface designed for one-way cycling.



EFKA LIFT - check the routes you will take on this lift:

Easy routes :
- Dual Slalom - a parallel track, consisting of bands, tumbles, open turns and sections with flat stones. Length: 450 m. The difference in elevations: 60 m.
- Dirt - the route is varied with large hills and tables, each with a detour. Length: 460 m. Elevation difference: 60 m.
- Top Gun - easy route, but even an advanced cyclist will be able to have fun on it  due to the professionally profiled bumps and tables, enabling high flights. Length: 610 m. Elevation difference: 60 m.
- Family - the easiest route of the entire Bike Park. Length: 1 260 m. The difference in elevations: 60 m.
Difficult routes :
- Mouflon - a varied single-track route, has bands, tables, wooden and stone bridges. Length: 720 m. The height difference: 60m.
- Whip Line - a line made up of various hills with vertical knockouts. Length: 300 m. The height difference: 60 m.


SUPER FAST LUXTORPED RAILWAY - check the routes that you can take on this lift:

Easy routes:
- Milky Way - easy route, the longest in the entire Bike Park. Length: 6,050 m. Difference in height: 380 m.
Difficult routes:
- Freeride - Length: 1,650 m. Difference in altitude: 380 m.
- DH Lux - Length: 2,150 m. Difference in altitude: 380 m.
Very difficult routes:
- DH Torpeda - Length: 2 100 m. Altitude difference: 380 m.
- Cambodia - Length: 2 140 m. Altitude difference: 380m.
- E-ride - Length: 900 m. Elevation difference: 380 m. Entry / exit by an electrician.


The playground was created for amateur cycling and for children who want to learn more than cycling!
Regardless of your age, you will have a great time playing at the Kids Arena.

- Snake - an easy route with a smooth surface, made of many bends with bands.
- Rambo - an easy obstacle course, very varied. There are wooden, stone and earth obstacles, and finally a stylish table.
- North Shore - a route consisting of different widths of wooden footbridges and stone paths - you need to balance them to overcome them! Divides into an easy and difficult path.
- Camel - an easy route, equipped with numerous hummocks that resemble the shape of a camel's back.
- Małysz Ski Jump - two safe jumps (reminiscent of ski jumps), with the measurement of the length of the jump on landing.
- Pump track - an easy track for riding without pedalling. The bicycle is powered by a suitable "pumping".


Have you forgotten to bring something with you from home? Or maybe you don't have professional equipment yet?

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